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      Building Strength For Our Planet 

      Buying sustainably is the best investment you’ll ever make, not just for you but for the planet too!


      Choosing Sustainability 

      Buying sustainably is literally the best investment you’ll ever make, not just for you but for the planet too. We want to partner with you in a sustainable fashion and want to make it possible for you to buy and wear activewear you’ll love without harming the planet that gives us all life. This is the objective at the very core of Scultura Activewear.

      For 150 years the planet has been warming.  It is only in recent decades that the true impact has become clear and the movement to reverse this has grown. Scultura wants to be part of that movement and also part of how you support that movement.  Most of all, we want to provide you with sustainable activewear, on time, all the time while knowing you are contributing to a sustainable future. Together we are Building Strength For Our Planet.

      Let's spread the word! #buildingstrengthforourplanet has become the tagline we use to spread the word of sustainability and we'd love it if you'd use it too when sharing your product purchases on Social Media. 


      The Shocking Facts About Plastic Pollution

      Since plastic was introduced in the 1950’s, around 8.3 BILLION Metric Tons of plastic has been produced worldwide. The amount of virgin plastic produced every year is currently estimated to be around 350 million tonnes, which is roughly the same as the entire weight of humanity. Sadly 91% of this waste isn’t recycled and so the majority of this plastic has either ended up in landfill or has found its way into our oceans causing huge devastation to our marine life. This is also a growing threat to the health of humans. To put this into context, the pollution that we are now dealing with is estimated at 8 million pieces of plastic per day which is around 12 million tonnes a year and the equivalent of one truck load per minute! As most plastics do not biodegrade, it could essentially exist in our landfills, oceans and coastlines for hundreds or even thousands of years.


      Sustainability or Quality?

      At Scultura we don’t believe that there needs to be a choice between sustainability and quality. We chose to make Scultura Activewear the most sustainable that it can possibly be without compromise.

      Recent technological advancements have now made it possible to produce recycled yarn for fabrics that are the same quality as fabrics created from virgin yarn. In fact, following our garment testing, we felt that the recycled fabrics we chose to produce our debut collection actually performed better, such as during the washing and drying process, colour retention and technical capabilities in the gym setting.

      Don’t just take our word for it though - we will let you see for yourselves!


      Our Commitment to Sustainability

      We chose to commit to being a slow and circular brand and to assist in the efforts to put an end to the culture of disposing and of waste. Our planet’s resources are finite. We know this. Yet every day millions of us purchase clothing that cause damage to the environment, that use up scarce resources and that waste water and materials, for extremely short-term use.

      Scultura is committed to being a slow fashion brand by producing high quality garments whilst working towards a cleaner environment. We also commit to circular fashion and aim to ensure that everything we produce, either has been or will be, recycled.

      We believe in reducing the footprint of our products by always sourcing our materials and working with production facilities within in the UK and Europe. We commit to ensuring high ethical standards from all of the companies in our supply chain – all provide a living wage, are non-exploitative and operate to the highest ethical standards.

      But we go further than that…


      Reduce, reuse, recycle – or let us do the recycling for you

      Reduce, reuse, recycle – these are the buzzwords of everything we do today. Scultura Activewear is part of a rapidly growing community of businesses who have adopted a responsible commitment to being ethical, sustainable and circular in their nature.

      It is our ultimate objective to adopt a completely circular business model in the future and to this end, we hope that technology will become available to allow us to use the huge resources of materials that are already in circulation around the world today, in order to create our new collections. Until then and for the purposes of ensuring that the technical capabilities of our activewear is viable, coupled with the fact that technological capabilities in the industry are not yet available, we cannot claim to be 100% sustainable and circular. At least not yet! In the meantime, we will use as much sustainable material that is available to us on the market and avoid single use fabrics where possible.

      To take steps towards our ambition, we ask our customers not to dispose of any of the activewear you have purchased from us in an unsustainable way. Instead, we invite you to send it back to us so that we can recycle it for you. In return, we will send you an offer code to say thank you for playing your part in helping to reduce the impact on our planet.

      Collectively, we can take steps to make a difference. What’s not to love about this!


      Our Suppliers

      We are very proud of all of our suppliers and chose to work with them because they share our values and principles.


      We source our luxury sustainable technical sportswear fabrics from a fabric manufacturer in Italy that implements several innovative environmental policies aimed at creating a truly sustainable supply chain and contributes to the creation of a circular economy model.

      We use ECONYL® regenerated nylon to create our plain colourway designs. ECONYL® is 100% recycled yarn that is created through a radical regeneration process which starts from rescuing waste such as fishing nets, unwanted industrial fabric scraps and plastic from landfills and oceans, all over the world. Via the regeneration and purification process, the nylon waste is recycled right back to its original purity. This means that it is exactly the same as virgin nylon. ECONYL® regenerated nylon is then used to produce the final fabric that we use to create our beautiful Activewear.

      For our print designs we use fabric created with premium technical Italian fabric made with 100% regenerated yarn from recycled plastic bottles (rPET).  

      Care Labels

      Our care labels are sourced in the UK and are woven with 100% recycled polyester yarns made from post-consumer waste. In this case, reclaimed plastic bottles. The inks used to create the print are water based so they don't contain the chemical solvents that normal solvent inks do. The clean down of the machines that is required after printing is also a lot cleaner with less harsh cleaning agents required.  


      The factory we work with is a fully compliant (SMETA approved), transparent and ethical where the workers are paid properly in a safe and happy environment, waste levels are reduced to the bare minimum and quality rules over quantity.

      All of our activewear was conceived and designed in house by our Founder and Creative Director, Tasha T and whilst at an industry event in 2017, Tasha was extremely fortunate to meet the Director of what is now our production factory in London. The process of creating our collection started soon after and we have been working closely together over the past two years to create Scultura Activewear’s debut collection. 

      Packaging and Hang Tags

      We produce our sustainable packaging and hang tags via our packaging partners in the UK, whom are carbon neutral accredited and operate ethical sourcing policies.

      Our packaging is produced using 70% recycled content and FSC approved paper from sustainable forests. It is fully recyclable, biodegradable and responsibly sourced.

      Our hang tags are produced from 100% recycled content and are also FSC approved. 

      Barbs (hang tag fasteners)

      Our fasteners are supplied in the UK, and contain at least 90& PCW plastic from recycled bottles (rPET) and carry the “Recycled” logo onto the paddle.


      Sustainable Growth

      As we grow, we will commit to only partnering with those who are as equally committed to sustainability and to being ethical and transparent in their business practices as we are.

      We are always happy to answer any questions you may have about Scultura Activewear.