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      Welcome to Scultura a unique sustainable collection of luxury activewear inspired by our beautiful earth, of ocean meeting land and sky.

      Building Strength For Our Planet - Sustainability and ethical production are at the very core of every decision we take, from the design concept all the way through to our packaging, we will always put the planet and people first.

      Scultura’s vision is that we will not only design activewear that is kind to the planet and the workforce behind the brand but to also create a platform that raises awareness around environmental issues and ethical design and production. We are a slow fashion brand and will always remain that way and we believe that every purchase you choose to make with us is another step forward for the planet.

      Our debut collection is created with fabric made from 100% ECONYL® regenerated yarn from ghost fishing nets recovered from oceans and seas across the globe and other nylon waste which would otherwise be destined for landfill.

      It doesn’t end there though. The Limited Edition Camufarre collection was designed with a purpose in mind, to raise awareness around the devastating effects of plastic pollution and in keeping with this, is designed with fabric made  from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Around 12 bottles or more per pair of leggings!

      To support our sustainability initiatives we only buy the exact quantities of fabric required for the amount of pieces that we produce to ensure that there is no waste.

      About the founder

      Hi I'm Tasha born and raised in London, an ex dancer and someone who practically lives in the gym and activewear - 24/7!

      Every light bulb idea begins with a moment of inspiration. Mine was a few years after my son was born in 2008. Before that the environment and sustainability was something I believed in but more in an abstract sense. When I looked at my son, the reality of the threat to our planet became much more real. If the Earth’s temperature rises significantly, if the oceans fill with plastic, what will life be like for him and for the next generation after that? 
      My passion for sustainable fashion is mostly due to the environmental issues that we face but also from having never felt comfortable with the thought of throwing clothes away. I have always either up cycled or donated my clothes to charity. 

      I came up with the concept of designing my own collection after I struggled to find gym wear that motivated me and so I ended up looking at smaller independent brands for inspiration. It was around this time that I noticed there was a lack of sustainably designed gym wear that also ticked the boxes of having been ethically sourced and manufactured. 

      As a Londoner, I was determined to start the journey of Scultura right here in the UK and with my Italian roots I wanted to include my passion for Italian culture in the brand. Scultura translated from Italian means 'sculpture' and this is exactly what we do with our body, mind and soul when we exercise. It seemed very fitting!

      I have held true to sourcing and producing everything we can right here in the UK and when that's not possible, we source from Europe from suppliers that share our ethical standards and that are close enough to reduce the carbon footprint of everything that we produce. 

      We believe in being a completely open and transparent business and so have made as much information as possible about us available for you across the website, however we are always more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the brand.

      You can read more detailed info about our sustainability efforts on our Sustainability page. In the meantime I hope that this has given you more of an insight of how Scultura came about, who we are and what we strive to achieve for the planet. 


      With love
      Tasha T x